Social Media Management and Development

Being connected online through social networks today is a must for every business. You can learn so much about the needs, desires, likes, and dislikes of your customers and their influencers through social media channels. I can help develop content delivery strategies, interactive tactics, and advertising campaigns which will optimize the way social media helps your company.

Social Content

Let’s work together on developing the story you want to tell online. That can be from content curated from the vast amount of information from your network to your own thought leadership from your blog. We can craft the best possible content that will get your content noticed by those within and outside of your network using words and images with an eye on driving traffic back to your website.

Social Advertising

Here’s a little-known fact: pushing out great content is not enough to gain followers, interactions, and clicks on social media channels.

Each of the big social media outlets – Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn – have their own advertising channels. Hey, they need to make their stockholders happy, right?

The great part about this is that you have the opportunity to target your content to the audience of your choosing. With my experience in creating great-performing social ads, we can:

  • Boost social posts
  • Grow followers
  • Gain clicks to your website

With the systems I’ve honed in my experience, we’ll take your social efforts and your media spend to new heights. Contact me for more information.

Social Media Marketing

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