Why is it that someone does business with you? Is it because you’re the best–well, perhaps, but let’s dig a little deeper. Is it because you’re the “cheapest”–that might be true, but you likely won’t stick around long enough to read the rest of this article using that philosophy.

The real reason why people do business with you and you company is that they heard or read and believed the story of YOU. Whether that story was about the mission and vision of your company, how you came to be in business, or, quite simply, an advertisement for a product or service, it’s the story that consists of several key components that generates interest and keeps people engaged.

Your Story’s Formula

A story should consist of:

  • A heroic character
  • A problem
  • A quest
  • A miracle
  • A moral
  • A testimonial from an eye witness

With this formula, whether you are writing copy, using graphics, or both, your advertisements are sure to hold the attention of your audience and embed your essence, the hero, into their hearts and minds.

In the days of yore, the storyteller always had a special place by the fire and was highly regarded by the community as a person of great importance. As marketers, we strive to help our clients tell their story so that they are regarded as those of great importance to their customers. If we can be of assistance to you helping you to be a hero, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Keep Moving Forward!