As I mentioned last week, I attended a networking seminar presented by Dane Sanders at The Marketing Solutions Lab and Alex Livieratos of Business Power Coach.

Something that really struck a chord with me at this seminar: my 30-second infomercial (quite frankly) sucks! They presented a formula that’s easy to understand and pretty powerful. Check it out:


Hello, I’m (your name), of (your company).

Compelling Impact Statement

I help (target market)

Who I work with or help, and the pain, desire, and need they have

The companies / people I help (blah, blah, blah)

How I address and / or alleviate it

And I help them to / by

Here’s my revised elevator speech:

“Hi, my name is Rich Cruz, and I’m a business consultant with Connections Consulting Group. I help small firms and professionals mainly in the legal, health, finance, and creative industries get noticed, stay remembered, and be profitable. The companies I help feel lost in the vast sea of options within their industry and are looking to get their phones ringing. I work with them to enhance their perception in person, online, and in print with business-building strategies including blogging for business.”

What do you think?

Keep Moving Forward.